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Think you can help us out? Read a bit about what we do and reach out if you think you could be a fit!

BuildLab is a software development & automation studio. We build lean, modern web applications using the latest frameworks and tools like Svelte, Firebase, TailwindCSS, and more.

We also work with no-code/low-code tools like Zapier, Integromat, Webflow, and Retool to automate business processes and manage data across different services.

Additionally, we’re Integromat, HubSpot and Stripe certified partners.

Ideal Candidates:

✅ You are curious, motivated, and always looking for new ways to build or manage projects.

✅ You’re willing to use tools like Notion, Slack, and Toggl to communicate and track project progress.

✅ You have excellent communication and have at least a few hours of overlap with Eastern US time.

We could always use help in the following areas:

✴️ Project / Product Management

✴️ Sales & Lead generation

✴️ HubSpot account management

✴️ Software development (Node.js, Serverless)

✴️ No-code/low-code automation and development (Integromat / Zapier / Airtable / Webflow)

✴️ UI/UX Design

In addition to regular pay, bonuses are paid based on the success and completion of projects. We also help pay for education in terms of courses, bootcamps, e-books, subscriptions.

We have a laid-back but productive mindset. Hours are flexible so long as progress is made and high-quality work is completed.