Application Development

Course Factory

We built a custom project management application for CourseFactory, a talented video editing studio. Having struggled to make off-the-shelf project management tools work for their unique workflow, the application alleviated these pain points and allowed them to get exactly what they want, without anything they didn't (and dramatically reducing their monthly SaaS bill). This full-featured app included payment integration, granular user roles/permissions, file uploading and storage, messaging & notification functionality, and more.

Course Factory software work done

Automation & Integration

Number 1 Sons

We helped automate processes for this growing food delivery company, saving many hours per week of manual tasks. As the business was heavily reliant on logistics (delivery fulfillment, local pickup, inventory management), we used the trusty combination of Airtable and to help sync up with Shopify and various add-ons to automatically handle shipping and fulfillment of thousands of orders.

Number 1 Sons software work done

Application Development

Altius Learning

We built a lean, custom application for the client's coaching program. This unique application was a hybrid of code and no-code tools, using a custom-coded front end and & Airtable on the back end. This allowed for a performant, custom UI while still allowing for easy modifications to data and application logic by the client.

Altius Learning software work done

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More of our work

(Some company names are anonymized)

Serhant.Provided technical consulting and built valuable automation for one of the countries' largest real estate brokeragesConsulting & Automation
Marketing Automation AgencyProvided valuable automation and technical support for a marketing-focused agency, allowing them to focus on what they did bestAutomation & Consulting
MakerpadIntegrated advanced custom code with existing no-code tools to scale this popular communityAutomation & Consulting
Biotech StartupBuilt a cross-platform desktop application which communicated with USB devicesApplication Development (Desktop)
FlowPatternsServed as CTO and made critical technical decisions for this startupCTO Strategy
Joshua Tree CoffeeBuilt custom accounting automation for this popular coffee companyAutomation & Consulting
Arts Centre TelfordAdvised this performing arts academy on scheduling and automation infrastructureStrategy Consulting
Adtech StartupConsulted on building and structuring of a large Airtable base for a well-funded Adtech startupConsulting
Carolina Railway CompanyAutomated the parsing and organization of thousands of documentsAutomation
Loom My HomeCentralized and synced data and sale fulfillment for this multi-platform ecommerce companyAutomation & Consulting
LifeLabs LearningBuilt onboarding automations to accommodate a growing number of new hiresAutomation
Beyond EfficiencyBuilt automation to sync data between Project Management system and Airtable for this Architectural & Engineering firmAutomation & Strategy
Canadian Energy CompanySet up HubSpot and built custom object integrations to sync data from SAPAutomation
Organic Butcher of McLeanBuilt a system to handle local pickup ordersConsulting & Automation