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Part-time / Full-time / Contract Make.com (formerly Integromat) (no-code / low-code) Expert Remote

BuildLab is a software development & automation studio that builds lean, modern web applications using the latest frameworks and tools like Svelte, Firebase, Supabase, TailwindCSS, and more.

We also work with no-code/low-code tools like Integromat, Zapier, Webflow, and Retool to automate business processes and manage data across different services.

Additionally, we’re Make.com, HubSpot and Stripe certified partners.

We are currently looking for an advanced Integromat expert, who is familiar with the platform in addition to having knowledge of the no-code/low-code ecosystem. We work with Zapier (a little bit) as well, but assume someone with Integromat knowledge can handle that as well.

Ideal Candidates:

✅ You have worked with the Integromat platform to build integrations and automations.

✅ You know how to make custom API calls using the HTTP module.

✅ You are curious, motivated, and always looking for new ways to build or manage projects.

✅ You’re willing to use tools like Notion, Slack, and Toggl to communicate and track project progress.

✅ You have excellent communication and have at least a few hours of overlap with Eastern US time.

Extra credit, but not required

✴️ You have experience with custom development (code), particularly Javascript/Node.js.

✴️ You have experience with SQL and databases.

✴️ You are familiar enough with APIs that you can create custom Integromat/Zapier modules for apps that are not on the platform.

In addition to regular pay, bonuses are paid based on the success and completion of projects. We also help pay for education in terms of courses, bootcamps, e-books, subscriptions.

We have a laid-back but productive mindset. Hours are flexible so long as progress is made and high-quality work is completed.