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BuildLab is a software development & automation studio looking for a crafty, motivated developer for ongoing client work (mostly web applications).

In the name of building lean, fast, and modern, we primarily use Svelte (& SvelteKit), Supabase, Prisma, TypeScript, and TailwindCSS (but use other tech as well).

We also occasionally build mobile and hybrid applications using frameworks like Ionic, Capacitor, Svelte Native, Electron, and others.

Ideal Candidates

✅ You are familiar with and enjoy using Svelte.js (or are willing to learn - experience with React & Vue or Next/Nuxt should be enough for you to be able to migrate).

✅ You are curious, motivated, and love experimenting with new technologies and ways to build projects.

✅ You have experience with Supabase, Vercel and serverless philosophy.

✅ You’re willing to use tools like Notion, Linear, Slack, and Toggl to communicate and track project progress.

✅ You have excellent communication and have at least a few hours of overlap with Eastern US time.

✴️ TypesScript and/or SQL experience is a plus.

✴️ TailwindCSS experience is a plus, but not required (if you haven’t tried it, you should).

✴️ An eye for design is also a plus. We don’t expect you to be a full-blown designer (we have designers available where needed), but it’s nice if you know the difference between good and bad UI.

We have a laid-back but productive mindset. Hours are flexible so long as progress is made and high-quality work is completed.